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ACE was born from the want to provide a “whole of picture” solution to the puzzle of powering the community whilst empowering environment. This meant offering sustainable technology, NOT introducing harm or leaving harmful legacies whilst providing a circular economy for the community, not a linear as other renewable energy technologies do.

Home 1:  Puzzle

The “whole of picture” or the entire puzzle if you will, was examined and rigorously studied. We already knew numerous pieces of the puzzle, some with extreme intimacy and so were also acutely aware that when one studies a single piece of the puzzle too hard and for too long, it can become seen by the studier as being the picture itself and so a false ceiling is created. NOT what we wanted nor what we as a company and individuals are about.

Home 2:  Solutions

We established a goal of needing to provide technologies that addressed the issues of reducing waste materials generated in our daily living and converting their latent levels of energy. We then turned our attention to the cradle to grave philosophy and included the oft overlooked issue of technology legacies as a key decision factor. Why? Because many renewable energy production technologies come with “environmental baggage”, some of which is so severe the damage to entire global community and its eco-system can be and is recorded as being fatal!

Home 4:  Solutions

Finally, we needed to ensure there was more to simply saving waste and providing clean affordable energy. There had to be a physical and very real physical environmental benefit, not just a theoretical calculation of suggested offsets that appeared on a sheet of paper or balance sheet. We also wanted to be able to ensure any technology chosen, would provide long term stability and benefits to the community and their environment.

Being Australian based, we know better than many, the sensitivity and urgency surrounding such things as the Great Barrier Reef, our Dugongs and turtles, to name but a few.

Great Barrier Reef

  • Reef


  • Dugong


  • Turtles



    Our technologies have social, environmental and economic benefits.

    Social Benefits

    Ensure a fair distribution of wealth and opportunity along the value creation pipeline.

    Environmental Stewardship

    Contribute to the continual sustainability of the planet and its communities.

    Economic Growth

    Achieve triple bottom line results ensuring business' long term viability


    No leachates or water pollution as the water used is recirculated with zero discharge


    The technologies we choose negate harmfull greenhouse emmissions.


    Noise levels are negligible.

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